Trickle-Down Economics Does Not Work for Either Copyright or the Economy as a Whole

Who would have thought that a book about copyright would contain anything that is relevant to this year’s presidential election?  William Patry’s book, How to Fix Copyright, does.  Patry’s discussion of trickle-down economics is so relevant to today’s political scene that it deserves a broader audience than just those who are interested in improving our copyright system.

In addition to the Republicans’ anti-women and anti-gay agendas, their arguments about economics are outrageous.  Their theory is that if taxes on the wealthy are decreased and taxes on the middle class are increased, the wealthy will have more money to invest in business and we will all be better off – a trickle-down theory.  Patry persuasively demonstrates that trickle-down theory does not work in practice. 

Patry describes how copyright has become a trickle-up system, with the ownership of copyrights and money flowing away from the artists into the hands of large corporations and staying there.  The U.S. economy has become a trickle-up system, too, with money flowing to the wealthiest people and staying there.  We have an opportunity in this election to reverse the trickle-up trend.

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