Copyright Office Aspires to Bring Major Changes to the Music Marketplace

Earlier this month, the U.S Copyright Office issued Copyright and The Music Marketplace, a Report of the Register of Copyrights.  The report is 245 pages.  It is based the Copyright Office’s yearlong study of the existing music marketplace.  The report addresses the music licensing landscape, the challenges of the current system, provides analysis and makes recommendations.  Recapping the entire report goes beyond the volume of information I want to cover in a single post.  This post highlights a few points the report makes about streaming.  As a caveat to focusing on one topic, the report states

In this report, after reviewing the existing framework and stakeholders’ views, the Copyright Office offers a series of guiding principles and preliminary recommendations for change. The Office’s proposals are meant to be contemplated together, rather than individually. With this approach, the Office seeks to present a series of balanced tradeoffs among the interested parties to create a fairer, more efficient, and more rational system for all.

(pdf page 10).

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